...and also anyone else who he had sex with, had not yet had sex with, or will have sex with in the future.

It is not clear as to what his apology to his wife about having had sex with his subordinate females at work has anything to do with Sarah Palin. Of course this does not by any means imply that Sarah Palin once traded sex for favors, or pure pleasure, with Dave Letterman.

Like he said, it doesn't hurt to apologize again to Palin. Perhaps someone advised him that throwing a scandal-rich name like Sarah Palin out there along with his apology about his scandals, would perhaps minimize attention to his bad rep by reminding us that Palin did worst things, like running for vice president of the United States, and even worst, writing a memoir about it after loosing that race and also after drooping out of the position she held before the race, and especially considering that some ghost writer (or ghost whisperer?) wrote her memoir just so she can cash in on her failed attempt at the vice presidency? Or perhaps not, who knows.

Here's the video about Dave's kinda-apology apology, the "I am sorry that I was wrong but the other guy was more wrong about me being wrong, hence I was sort of right" kind of apology that only celebrities can get away with, sort of, if they have their own show on TV.

Maybe by not running away from the story (that is clearly not going away, at least not yet) Letterman will curb and channel the criticism to his favor, maybe it will make it worst. Time will tell, unless besides time there are confessions to come from Dave's former sex confidants at CBS, which we're assuming do not involve Katie Couric, or Dan Rather.

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  1. Anonymous Says:
  2. Letterman sure as hell is not bettering himself by talking about Palin.


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